Module H176, Entry CA24

=== BeginEntry ===

Observation of Subject ZDB and others over the last 72 intervals has resulted in little useful data.  Subjects appear stressed and distracted, periodically rearranging and adjusting objects within their respective enclosures.  Several small items of apparent significance – primarily small totems and images of various Subjects in a social context – have been placed in prominent locations for shared viewing.  Occasionally, Subjects in adjacent enclosures will mimic each others’ behavior and arrangement patterns.  (Logistical Note:  Some of these arrangements are contrary to established procedures and may have to be normalized.)

Subjects are primarily engaged in activities concerning the reconstruction and repair of their occupational subsystems.  This has been a primary focus of theirs, even during their enclosure transitions; several Subjects performed these activities at great expense to their sleep cycle, thus exhibiting behavior even more unusual than normal.  The pace of these activities, while still intense, is becoming somewhat less frenetic, as we optimize our own systems to anticipate and more properly handle the interactions between Subjects and their new environment.

We have provided Subjects with access to suitable nourishment, including the usual grain-dairy-vegetable discs offered on the transition day.  While these foods normally are considered acceptable – often preferable – to Subjects, in this case reaction was mixed; Subjects seemed discontent, perhaps due to a lack of differentiation in the supplied discs.  Usage of the supplied standard food chits, designed to expose Subjects to more varied nutritional stimuli, is within expected parameters and should conclude this week.

Overall though, adaptation to the new habitats is progressing on-schedule, and with minimal casualties.  Subjects’ initial agitation is waning and they are resuming predicted patterns of behavior (other than a few notable exceptions).  Once Subjects completely acclimate to their new surroundings, we are confident that our research can continue with minimal additional disruption.

=== endEntry ===

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