Clean Surfaces

Came out after work to find a clean lot – very few cars still on the parking deck – so it was easy to find my car.  More familiar too – getting adjusted to the overall perception of the place – but the deck still seems pretty alien.  Way too much stark concrete without greenery, depending on your view, and it’s got those charmingly reassuring vibrations as cars drive along.  Don’t even get me started on the lovely dark underworld of the lower parking deck.  How can something so close to the sunshine seem so gloomy?  Can’t wait to see how it looks in the winter.

I must admit, though, one of the advantages of the recent move:  Everything in the cubelet is still so clean.  The mice and I haven’t had time to accumulate piles of paper or too much new odd stuff.  Everything still gets put away neat and tidy.  I kinda like it, though it’s very unusual for me.

The whiteboard’s still clean too, as is my work schedule for the next week.  Happy vacation daze to me (and others), and we’ll see folks in a fortnight plus.

Try not to have another reorg until I get back, OK?

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