A walk on the ride side

Company outing at Six Flags New England today.  At least, that was the theory.  In practice it was more a loose association of folks who all work for the same company who might or might not show up at the same place and do similar activities.  Encounters with fellow employees were few and far between.

As it was a paid work day, it’s hard to complain about the opportunity to spend the day at the amusement park.  However, as a proposed family event, it left something to be desired.  The ability to eat for free at the picnic pavilion was nice, given that 6FNE food prices rival Disney’s, but the catering, though adequate, was limited and uninspired.  Moreover, the event pricing was very high for a company outing, especially for families with young children.  Other than the paid lunch and parking, the admission discount really was not cost-effective for bringing entire families.

I attended by myself, as my family does not care for the cost and hassle of 6FNE.  I appreciated the paid day and free lunch.  I got to ride the  rollercoasters and thrill rides.  I walked the park, enjoyed the nice weather and kitschy carny atmosphere.

But I really can’t say that I had much fun.

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