Things I Learned Seeing Blue Man Group

The Tremont Street parking garage near Citi Center, though expensive, is probably the most convenient to the Charles Playhouse.  There’s an alley connecting the two streets, and the streets are much smaller than they appear on GMaps.

The Charles Playhouse also is much smaller than it appears online.  For the seating, think cozy; for the halls, stairs and bathrooms, think cozier.

Blue Man Group’s current act is well worth the price of admission, though not overly long (1-3/4 hrs). Lots and lots of audience interaction.

The Poncho Zone is more of a precaution than a likelihood vis-a-vis projectiles.

Pureed banana, however, can be propelled an impressively long distance.

Many dire warnings were given re photography in the theatre.  Unfortunately, the kid across from us who videotaped the whole show with his mini camcorder didn’t get caught.

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