Framework of Reference

Job-hunting recently.  Over the last few weeks, have noted that the term “framework” has been thrown into job descriptions, phone screens, and interviews with regularity.  However, not everyone seems to agree on what “framework” means.  For me, the tricky part is understanding what “framework” means to the person I’m speaking with.

For some, “framework” means the buttressing around test code.  This would include such software as jUnit, TestNG, or Arquillian.  These tend to make your test code easier to manage as “tests”.

For others, “framework” means an encapsulating application which controls and manages test (and/or build) code.  This might mean something like Jenkins, Hudson, or Bamboo.

Still others have their code or project management in mind when it comes to frameworks:  Maven, Git, Subversion, Rake…

And then there’s the Selenium crowd – that group which believes Selenium is not only a framework, but the answer to all things testing.  You’ve likely met a few of these people…

Okay, enough with the buzzword bingo.  I’m not saying any of this is wrong, and it’s certainly not a complete picture.  Just bear in mind – the light at the end of the tunnel might be an oncoming train.. or it might be someone’s idea of a framework this week.

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