Selenium Test, Distilled Version

Rummaging over some old Java test code yesterday, refactoring to change project name, clean up dependencies and such, in order to create a nice clean demonstrable Selenium WebDriver test sample.  After tinkering with various helper Java classes – and fixing dependencies and code breakage – realized the test did not actually do what I needed yet.  Too much time spent tinkering, not enough time spent actually doing.  Common problem.

Decided to try the bottom-up approach.  Was wondering how long it would take to build a working test from scratch, since I haven’t done that for a few years.  As it turns out, not too long at all… fifteen minutes, maybe less if you type faster than I do.

There’s plenty of sample Selenium code out there – Google search proves that quickly and nicely – but I wanted to re-cement some of the key steps in my head.  So, after picking someone else’s nice clean example, I then distilled some reference notes – in case my brain decides not to remember the basics at some point in the near future (because that never happens… :P)

Sharing in case someone finds them useful, or enlightening.  To learn more, check out the original example on, at the link shown below.

(Very) Minimal Java / Selenium Test

  • Create Maven project
  • In Maven pom.xml file, add dependencies for testng, selenium-java
  • In Maven pom.xml file, add plugin entries for maven-surefire-plugin, maven-compiler-plugin
  • In Maven pom.xml file, add suiteXmlFiles entry in surefire, point to testng.xml file
  • Create Java Test Class with:
  • — Imports: org.openqa.selenium (WebDriver, FirefoxDriver) and org.testng (Assert, Test, BeforeClass, AfterClass)
  • — @BeforeClass – setup, instantiate WebDriver
  • — @Test – navigate to URL, perform Assert test
  • — @AfterClass – teardown, quit WebDriver
  • Create testng.xml file to specify suites, tests, classes
  • Compile and/or update dependencies as needed
  • Execute via mvn test

Remember to match Selenium versions with supported Browser versions

Mostly distilled from:


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